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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Review] Pantomime by Laura Lam

Cover Rating: ★★★☆☆
Title: Pantomime
Author: Laura Lam
Pages: 392 (Paperback)
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Source: NetGalley

R. H. Ragona’s Circus of Magic is the greatest circus of Ellada. Nestled among the glowing blue Penglass—remnants of a mysterious civilisation long gone—are wonders beyond the wildest imagination. It’s a place where anything seems possible, where if you close your eyes you can believe that the magic and knowledge of the vanished Chimaera is still there. It’s a place where anyone can hide.

Iphigenia Laurus, or Gene, the daughter of a noble family, is uncomfortable in corsets and crinoline, and prefers climbing trees to debutante balls. Micah Grey, a runaway living on the streets, joins the circus as an aerialist’s apprentice and soon becomes the circus’s rising star.

But Gene and Micah have balancing acts of their own to perform, and a secret in their blood that could unlock the mysteries of Ellada.

I'm totally conflicted about my feelings for Pantomime. At first it reminded me too much of The Night Circus, which I didn't like. It wasn't just the circus theme that was similar, but the alternating between past and present and extremely slow pacing. However, the plots are completely different, and once things started getting going I enjoyed it much more. This is he second book I've read this month where the protagonist repeatedly brings up the fact that there's something different about them, but refuses to say "what" they are until a quarter or more into the story. It's extremely annoying rather than intriguing, and I didn't see this point of it in Pantomime since it's super obvious what Micha's medical condition is. Not the specifics, which we get later, but the general idea is clear early on.

If you think the secret is going to be a spoiler, you should stop reading this review, since I'm going to talk about in the next paragraph. So STOP reading now if you don't want to be "spoiled" but like I said it's revealed fairly early so...

I've never read about an intersex character before, so I was definitely interested in learning more about Micha/Gene. Gene has had to hide her "condition" from everyone for fear of being called a monster, but one day she up and leaves, and joins the circus. She feels like a freak, so why not run away to be with more freaks? Once she gets there's though, she's Micha, a boy, which is easy for her to pull off due to having a fairly boyish figure.

I also really enjoyed Micha's struggle with her sexuality. Would she be dating as a boy, a girl, both, or neither? Did that really matter? Is she attracted to boys, girls, or both? Does she have to choose one? It was all very confusing for her, but it was nice watching her discover who she was and who she wanted to be with. I do think that the author handled these topics very respectfully.

I also really liked the world. It's a fantasy realm, but it's very much like our Victorian era, especially in the fashion and social etiquette. However, there's magic and Chimaera! At the beginning of each chapter there's little excerpts from different texts that are about the circus, ancient magic, social lessons, etc. I'm almost always a fan of little tidbits like this, so I definitely enjoyed that touch to the world building.

The plot isn't really much of a plot at all. Once we know "what" Micha is, the only thing left is whether or not he's going to get caught and dragged back home. I desperately hoping not, since Gene's parents are pretty awful and selfish people, and she deserves so much more!

In the end, I liked Pantomime but it failed to wow me. I absolutely LOVED the concept and the themes presented, but the lack of an interesting plot and the slow pacing stopped me from loving it overall. It's most definitely an amazingly unique story though, so I would recommend it simply based on that. I'm just wondering if this was the first book in a series or not. The ending is quite open for a sequel, but it could also be seen as a standalone. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Favorite Quotes

"What is your biggest fear?" he asked.
I was quiet, thinking. There were so many things I was frightened of. "Not being accepted or loved for what - who - I am." (29% eARC)

I did not trust secrets. [...] Secrets, once spoken, have a way of running away from you. They cannot be gathered in again. (69% eARC)

"But life is a circus, and one player is rarely missed. You should bear that in mind." (91% eARC)

Title Quotes

The pantomime planned for Imachara was a retelling of the classic romance Leander Iona, one of those stories where the young man and woman must overcome the obstacles blocking their love. (66% eARC)

If Bil could pull off the pantomime and the various acts in Imachara, I had no doubt that if would be an extraordinary circus. (69% eARC)

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  1. Ah! This is exactly how I felt! The "big secret" was obvious from the get go. I'm having problems writing my review. Lol.

    I'm pretty sure she's said she's writing a sequel, I read that somewhere... It could definitely use one. :)

    Rachel @ Paper Cuts

  2. "the protagonist repeatedly brings up the fact that there's something different about them, but refuses to say "what" they are until a quarter or more into the story" <--- THIS. I hate when characters have this "deep dark secret" and make a big deal about it. Invariable, I'm under-impressed when the big reveal comes.

    The concept does sound fairly interesting, though. It sounds like Micha's identity issues are handled well, at least.


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