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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Which Imprints Are for Me?

Yesterday, Kelly @ Radiant Shadows posted some really interesting data on her ratings by publisher and imprint. This got me thinking about how my ratings are distributed, so I made my own spreadsheet and figured it out! I read a lot of Indie and self-published books, so I left all of those out. It would make my graph HUGE, and would essentially be meaningless since they would pretty much be book or author ratings, rather than the publisher.

My ratings aren't all that different across publishers, but that was kind of expected. The real differences appear when breaking it down by imprint. Although just looking at this bar graph does show that I definitely love Kensington. That's a bit misleading though, since all 10 books are from their Zebra imprint, and they're all by Richelle Mead. Basically, I'm a huge fan of Richelle Mead! The only other publisher to get over a 4 rating from me is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I've only read four books by them, but it does make me want to seek out more to see if I love those too. As for the lower end of the spectrum, it appears that I only think Egmont (I only have 3 ratings) and Macmillan are okay.

Let's break it all down!

Let's start with my highest rated publisher, Harlequin! This one surprised me, since I haven't read that much by them, but I apparently love most of what I did read! Most of the Harlequin Teen reading is the Soul Screams series, which I'm madly in love with! I'll most definitely have to read more series that they've published.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, HarperCollins has the second highest average rating (tied with Simon & Schuster). The HarperCollins and Avon imprints have both received 5 and 4.5 ratings from me, so it's no surprise they're the top two. I'll definitely be reading more from this publisher, especially Avon since I love me some Lisa Kleypas!

Despite the high rating, I haven't actually read that much by Simon & Schuster. I was surprised to see Margaret K. McElderry score so low, since I know one of my favorite books is from this imprint. However, one of my least favorite books is also, which drags it down. I guess I'll need to read more to get better results.

As you can see, I clearly read way more Penguin books than anything else, but their ratings are pretty average. The reason Penguin has so many more ratings is because I'm a series junkie and almost all of those big numbers up there are series: Vampire Academy (Razorbill), Nerds and Vegas Vampires (Berkley), The Morganville Vampires, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and Chicagoland Vampires (NAL), and Sookie Stackhouse (ACE). That lone 5 star from G.P. Putnam's Sons is Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood, if you were wondering. It looks like this is a publisher for me to stick with for the most part.

I could have sworn I read more books by Hachette, but I guess not. I apparently love Little, Brown, and Company, which isn't surprising since they get the most 5 stars out of me besides Kensington. Grand Central isn't doing too bad either, but maybe I should be wary of Orbit.

Aside from Dell and Delacorte, I appear to be rather indifferent to Random House. Maybe I should just skip all the imprints expect those two, since my ratings seem to be quite skewed.

It looks like I don't like Macmillan that much, except maybe St. Martin's Press and Tor, but even those don't have stellar ratings. In a way, I'm not that surprised since Feiwel & Friends has the ONLY 1 star rating out of all of the books I read. However, if I take that one out, their rating jumps up to 3.3 putting them ahead of Random House. It's interesting how one book can make such a difference.

This definitely had eye opening results. I never gave much thought to which publishers I'm reading, but now I'm going to be much more aware. It'll probably also help me skip out on books I'm less likely to enjoy. Of course, I'm not going to disregard a book based on the publisher alone, but I will pause and think more carefully before picking something up from my lower rated imprints.

So in short, here are my top 5 6 (there's a tie) imprints that I've read at least 5 books from. I didn't do a bottom 5, since most of those I've only read 1-3 books from, so it's not really fair.

Top 6
1. Razorbill (Penguin Group)
2. HarperCollins (HarperCollins)
3. Avon (HarperCollins)
4. Little, Brown, and Company (Hachett Book Group)
5. Berkley (Penguin Group)
6. Harlequin Teen (Harlequin)


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  2. Looks like we've got some similar tastes with several publishers/imprints! I'm really interested to see how this next year, and more data, affects my results :)

    1. Oh, definitely! I organized my spreadsheet better last night, so it would be easier to add in rating and see how things change.


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