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Monday, January 28, 2013

[Review] What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know (What My Mother Doesn't Know, #2) by Sonya Sones

Cover Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Title: What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know
Series: What My Mother Doesn't Know, #2
Author: Sonya Sones
Pages: 291 (Hardcover)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Release Date: June 5, 2007
Source: Library

My name is Robin.
This book is about me.
It tells the story of what happens
when after almost 15 pathetic years of loserdom,
the girl of my dreams finally falls for me.

That seems like it would be
a good thing, right?
Only it turns out to be
a lot more complicated than that

Because I'm not gonna lie to you --
there are naked women involved.
Four of them, to be exact.
Though not in the way you might think.

Don't get me wrong -- my girlfriend's amazing.
But the way things have been going lately,
I'm starting to believe that the only thing worse
than not getting what you want,

is getting it

I really enjoyed What My Mother Doesn't Know, so I was excited to pick up its sequel. In What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know we get into Robin's head. Getting the male perspective is somewhat rare, especially from female authors, so that definitely intrigued me more. I was also curious about him from the first book, since he was loner, and his classmates used his last name, Murphy, as an insult.

The tone of this book is very different than the previous. Sophie's book was light and humorous, but Robin's is heavy and slightly depressing. Their new relationship has not been easy, as their classmates ridicule them, some even think it's some kind of joke. Even Sophie's supposed best friends give them dirty looks and refuse to hang out with her as long as she's dating "Murphy." I felt so bad for Robin, since he's worried about how this is effecting Sophie despite the brave face she puts on. He's used to be shut out by others, but now he's bringing her with him. Also while sweet, it was also a little sad how Robin did things just to make Sophie happy. It was like he was trying too hard to make her like him, even though she clearly already does.

It's not all gloom and doom. There's still some very funny lines sprinkled throughout, especially when Robin gets a crash course in life drawing (and we're not talking trees!). Although when things seem to looking up, they actually crash to rock bottom. I felt more of an emotional connection with this one, and enjoyed it a lot more than the first. I'll definitely be checking out more books by this author.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed this one Angie! The fact that her own "friends" make fun of her and Robin is frustrating. I remember the way her friends treated her in the first one really bothered me. Great review!!


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