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Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Peek At My Bookshelf

I know that I have no where near as many books as most bloggers, and my shelf is quite small, but it's overflowing! It would be much worse if I didn't donate most of my books after I read them. Let's take a look, shall we? This was the state of my shelves as of December 29th when I took the pictures.

There is my little, three shelf bookshelf in all its tiny glory! You can see my Canada/Moose shrine on top. My parents went on a cruise to Alaska which had a pit stop in Canada, and I've always been a little obsessed, so my mom brought me lots of goodies! Anyway, that's not the focus of our tour, it's the books!

That bottom shelf has my printer and yearbooks and a dictionary. It's also home to the books that are too tall for the upper shelves, as well as a few ARCs.

The top shelf is home to the hardcovers from the mystery box that I won and a ton of used paperbacks and one used hardcover. All of these are unread, but I hope to remedy that soon.

The second shelf is home to a stack of hardcovers with a couple of ARCs on top. Then there's some paperbacks in the middle, a mix of new and used. Yes, I'm missing Shift from the Shifters series, but I'll get it soon enough. At the end there's a stack of new paperbacks.

Now for the back row! Yes, half of the top shelf is actually computer games. I'm an obsessive Sims 2 player, so I have all of them plus The Sims Medieval. The rest of the top shelf is more unread paperbacks, except for the Johnny Depp biography (there's more on the very bottom shelf, too. LoL), the first two Song of Fire and Ice books, and Summer's End, which I've read twice, . It's not even mine. I borrowed it from a friend in high school, misplaced it, and just never gave it back. Oops.

The second shelf is actually mostly read books! Of course, I have Twilight! To the left of those is a signed ARC. Then I have my complete collection of the Nerds series, which I can't bare to part with even though I'll probably only ever reread #2 and #7. Let's jump back to the right, where I had two unread, signed ARCs, followed by some read and unread hardbacks (The Way We Fall and Belles are signed). Then I have a signed copy of Babe in Boyland, then my favoritest book ever, the UK cover of Before I Wake, and SHADOWFEVER!

And that completes this virtual tour of my shelves. I wonder how different it'll look in a few months...


  1. I think you have a lot of books. They look awesome. I still need to show my book shelf ;D

  2. That's an impressive sag in your shelf - a sign that you have a lot of books. It's why I don't really buy books anymore, I get them from the library, if I absolutely LOVE it, I will buy a copy, but I have two massive bookshelves, one is double stacked and I am out of room :) My bedside table is a bookshelf that's probably a metre wide, it has three shelves, 1.5 taken up with library items, I clearly don't need to encourage it by buying more.

    Also, I got a happy little burst of nostalgia when I saw your Sims games, god I used to love that game :)


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