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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Mission Statement of Sorts

I just feel like I need to define what my blog is and what it is not, since I started to lose myself a bit last year. I started book blogging because it looked like fun, and I liked the idea of having my own little place on the internet to share what I'm reading. Sure there's GoodReads, but I found that a blog adds something extra to the reading experience. Basically I started this blog for me. At the beginning I will admit that I was excited by the idea of receiving ARCs, but I knew I would have to work hard to get them. However, in my 14 months of blogging, I have not requested a single ARC, with the exception of using NetGalley. Yes, I have read ARCs that I won in giveaways, but when really thinking about it, I prefer finished copies. I'm also too shy to approach publishers and request an ARC, so therefore, I don't. This brings me to my first point:

This blog is not about promoting the hottest new releases.

I don't want my space to be a promotional hot spot. I started joining blog tours in November, just to try it out. I went a little overboard, and signed up for a ton, and it's hard to keep up! I still love the idea of promoting lesser known titles, but I'm going to be more selective, so that my blog isn't overflowing with random promotions.

I just want to focus on sharing my thoughts on what I've read, whether these be new releases or old. I did feel pressured to get my hands on books as close to the release date as possible in order to make my blog relevant and up to date, but that meant pushing aside other books that I really wanted to read. I started reading for my blog rather than for myself. As my header says, I have eclectic taste in books, but somehow I got caught up in the YA hype. I want to read more of the amazing sounding freebies that I grab each week from Amazon! I have so many that I'm itching to read, but they get pushed aside for the more popular books.

Well, that's been changing. I started to get myself back on track, and reading what I want, when I want. That doesn't mean I won't read new, popular releases, since there are plenty that I'm excited for, but I won't go out of my way to read and review them as soon as they're published. Indie authors deserve just as much attention as authors with big name publishers, and I plan on giving it to them! I've already worked with several during my short blogging career, and I've discovered some great books. I'm hoping that by reading my blog you'll discover some, too.

This doesn't mean that I'll never review ARCs, because I will. I might even start approaching publishers one day, but it'll be for books I'm personally interested in, not just because they're the next biggest craze.

Now to my second point:

This blog is not giveaway central.

You've probably noticed that I've only hosted one giveaway myself and it was for a book of choice. You won't be finding giveaways for the hottest releases here! Like I said, I don't approach authors or publishers, so therefore you won't be getting ARCs or signed copies from me, unless I decide to pass along ones I've won from other bloggers' giveaways (which is also unlikely since I plan to donate them all to ARCycling). This isn't to say I'll never hold giveaways ever again, but they won't be frequent. I'm a recent graduate with student loans to pay off, so I don't have much extra cash. I also rarely buy books for myself, so why would I buy books for everyone else? I'm also a fan of buying used books, so maybe one day I'll try my hand at offering some dollar amount of used books from, since they offer free shipping and no tax for most states. Kindle books will also probably have a place in giveaways.

I know giveaways bring in followers, but I'm not looking to be the most popular blog on the internet. I also don't want people following me just because I host giveaways. I want followers who like the same type of books as me, that's it.

I also want to try new things. I've been alternating between various weekly memes, and my own features, trying to find what works for me. And actually, alternating between different features is what works best for me, so I'm going to continue to do that. I'll likely try out a few more memes early this year to see which ones I'd like to stick with. But I'd also like to mix in other type of posts, such as movie and TV reviews. I love movies, and I love movies based on books. I don't think this will become a regular feature, since I don't actually watch movies or TV shows often enough, but I'll just see what happens.

So what can you expect from Pinkindle Reads & Reviews in 2013?
  •  Book reviews of course! Everything from Contemporary YA, to Historical Romance, to Adult Urban Fantasy, and everything in between! New releases and old favorites! Indie authors and big name publishers!
  • Maybe movie and TV reviews! Maybe!
  • Perhaps the environmentalist in me will offer some giveaways for Kindle books or used books!
  • If I can get over my fear of approaching authors and publishers, there might be some ARC reviews and guest posts!
  • Memes! I love weekly memes, so I'll at least be continuing with Showcase Sunday, Teaser Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, Wishlist Wednesday, and Feature & Follow.
  • Random themed lists of things!
  • Maybe some personal posts so that you can get to knew me better. :)


  1. Angie! This is excellent. I was just speaking to a friend about how I miss the... freedom I had before blogging. To read what I wanted when I wanted, and this kind of reminds me that, well, that freedom? It's a choice *I* make. BIG kudos on blogging for YOU. This is hella inspiring ♥

    1. I totally agree, Sarah! It's so easy to get caught up reading and blogging about what everyone else is reading/blogging about it, and losing yourself along the way. We all need to get back on track! I'm hoping to do that, and so far I have been. :D

  2. Great post! I'd love to see more movie and TV reviews! It's hard to find a lot of people in the book blogging community who love movies and/or TV & make good blog posts about it.

  3. It's great that you have a mission statement for the coming year to keep you on track. And yay for blogging for you! I always enjoy reading reviews for books that aren't the hyped, buzzed or super popular books. I already own those and know I want to read them. I like learning about new books that I might not know about and might want to read. Or older books that I have reviewed to see what else others think.

    I hope you get the courage to reach out to authors and publishers this year. There's nothing quite like an author saying "yes" to an interview! And it's always great to get a coveted title sent to you just a little bit early.

    Happy 2013 and it looks like you have a great plan for the year!

  4. So far I've been on track with what I want to read, so that's good! I'm hoping to continue all year. I also love discovering new books through other bloggers instead of seeing the same books over and over again.

    Thanks so much for stopping by! :D


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