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Friday, December 28, 2012

Wanted: Guest Posts for Upcoming Unnamed "Twilight" Event!

Before you Twilight haters run screaming for the hills, I want you to guest post, too! This is not an "OMG I love Twilight! It's the best series ever!" event. It's just a general, let's discuss Twilight event. In fact, it's not really an event until I get some helpers. I just plan on re-reading all 4 books and posting reviews, along with watching and reviewing all 5 movies. But I also want some outside opinions, whether you loved, hated, or are indifferent to this series. I'd love to have a mix of opinions as well as an array of post types. I plan on posting this "event" around the release of the "Breaking Dawn Pt. 2" DVD, which is scheduled for February 16th. Guest bloggers have the freedom to write anything that they wish as long as it's about the series, either books or movies.

Post Ideas (if you're interested but stuck, and things I'd like to see):

+ Review of any/all of the books and/or movies (positive or negative!)
+ Recommendations: If you liked Twilight, you'll also like...
+ Recommendations: YA Paranormal series that are better than Twilight...
+ Why you love/hate/can't be bothered with Twilight (yes, even if you haven't read/watched!)
+ Discussions on characters or themes
+ If [Twilight character] was in [book/series] instead...
+ If [other book/series character] was in Twilight...
+ Giveaway! Everyone loves a giveaway!

As you can see, there's a lot of things you can talk about! Be serious or humorous! If you are not a Twilight fan, but would still like to post something, I just ask that you're respectful. No crude remarks or bashing the author or fans.

If you're interested, you can sign-up by filling out the following form. Depending on how many responses I get, this will be a "first come, first served" acceptance, unless of course you come up with an amazing post idea!

Thanks, everyone!

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  1. To my eternal shame, I've only read the first 100 pages of Twilight! But I keep meaning to listen to the entire series on audiobook when I have time... This is a cool idea!


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