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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[Review] Dog Days by Elsa Watson

Title: Dog Days
Author: Elsa Watson
Pages: 344 (Mass Market Paperback)
Publisher: Tor Books
Release Date: May 22, 2012

In Elsa Watson's Dog Days, struggling café owner Jessica Sheldon volunteered to be the chairperson of Woofinstock, Madrona’s annual dog festival, to overcome her reputation as “number one dog hater” in her dog crazy Northwestern town. Determined to prove her dog-loving credentials, Jessica rescues Zoe, a stray white German shepherd— and in the process the two are struck by lightning.

Jessica wakes to discover paws where her feet should be, and watches in horror as her body staggers around the town square…. Zoe and Jessica have switched bodies. Learning to live as a dog is difficult enough, but Jessica’s real worry is saving her café from financial ruin. To complicate matters, she’s falling hard for Max, the town veterinarian.

It’s clear that Zoe is thrilled to live life on “human terms,” thoroughly relishing all of the fun and food Woofinstock has to offer. But Zoe is also anxious to use her new human skills to find her missing family—who may not want her back. And Jessica needs to confront a complicated figure from her past before she can move on with her life.

Jessica and Zoe will need to learn from each other to set things right, and possibly find acceptance and love in the bargain.

As an animal lover in general, dog lover in particular, and a fan of Chick Lit, I knew I had to read Dog Days! The animal twist on Freak Friday sounded like too much fun to pass up, and I was right!

Struggling cafe owner, Jessica, is known as the town dog-hater, but that's just a misunderstanding of an unfortunate situation. Jessica is actually afraid of dogs. So what happens when she meets an adorable stray on a stormy night? Well, she's convinced to take the lost pooch home, but they're struck by lightning on the way, and end up switching bodies.

Dog Days is told in alternating POV: Jessica's and Zoe's. I think this was a great way to tell the story, since Zoe's chapters are hilarious and adorable! It was so much fun being in the mind of a dog, and then in the mind of a dog who is now human. As a dog owner, I was able to point out things I'm sure my own little doggie is thinking and gave me some new insight into the workings of my pet's brain.

It was also nice watching Jessica change as she's inhabiting the dog body. And I don't just mean the dog senses taking over, but how she became more relaxed and fun loving. Zoe encouraged her to participate in some wacky events and tried to help her see the funner side of life. It was all very cute and sweet and kept a smile on face from page one.

Taking place over just two days, Woofinstock Weekend, Dog Days is full of laughs, heart, and a little drool. Dog lovers will adore Zoe and recognize some of their own furry friends in her. If you're looking for something light-hearted that will leave you feeling fuzzy inside, this is definitely a must read!

Favorite Quotes

I hum some more to warm up. There. I'm ready to say the words that all dogs have wanted to say since the dawn of time.
"I'm hungry." (pg 72)

Dogs were treated like children that no one bothered to train for a grown-up life. It had never occurred to me to feel sorry for them before. They always seemed so happy I figured their lives were perfect. As I was coming to see, that wasn't the case at all. Dogs were just pros at making lemonade from lemons. (pg 152)

You never know what a cat is going to do, even a cat you've lived with for months. One minute they're cuddly and sweet, and the next they're slicing away with those claws. You can't trust a cat. (pg 189-190)

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