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Friday, October 26, 2012

Feature & Follow [14]

Q: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book?

Alternating between first and third person narratives! Just do not do it! I love multiple POVs, but only if they're in the same narrative type. It's hard for me to stay focused when all of a sudden I'm in a character's head then the next page I'm an observer. It's frustrating.

Two culprits:


  1. Alternating between first person and third person? That sounds like a nightmare. Switching POVs are bad enough, I can't take switching the standpoint too. I haven't read any book that's like that before (I did plan on reading Of Poseidon though), but it does sound like it will a hot mess. :P

    Old follower, Here's my FF

  2. Super cute blog! I've heard Of Poseidon many times negatively in relation to the POV thing.

    New follow via GFC.
    Alise - My FF Post

  3. Somewtimes the past and present get be annoyed. It seems like when you are in the past and getting involved, next chapter is present and it looses momentum in my opinion.

  4. That bothers me as well. Good choice!
    Old follower :)

  5. I agree. Though I'm not much fond of multiple POVs (they're confusing, sometimes authors forgot to maintain the attitude of the characters).
    Thanks for droppin by my FF!
    Old follower.

    Michelle Shouts Random

  6. I agree. The first time I experienced it was with Of Poseidon. I was SO confused at first!


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