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Friday, August 24, 2012

Feature & Follow [6]

Q: Worst cover? What is the worst cover of a book that you’ve read and loved?

Every time I look at this cover I think of those old Sasquatch videos. You know, the one where Big Foot walks by and kinda looks at the camera? Well, her pose looks like that, and it bugs me! Richelle Mead is my favorite author, but she has some of my least favorite covers ever.


  1. Lol Sasquatch. Yeah, the cover is not too appealing.

    My Friday Hops.

  2. The cover is bad!

    I'm a new GFC follower :)
    Here's my Follow Friday

  3. I couldn't stop laughing. Really, a Sasquatch?

    I love Richelle Mead's books and Bloodlines covers. The rest of the covers are just Meh. Old Follower.

    Sydney @ Starry Storm

  4. LOL that's an accurate comparison! xD
    I'm a new follower via GFC (I'm under ele05gs), please follow back if you can.
    My FF

  5. Hi!
    I just came across your site and it is really lovely! I happily followed you and will enjoy reading your updates. You can find me over at Rainy Day Reads, It would be great if you could stop by and I would love to have a fellow book lover as a new follower.
    Christine x
    Rainy Day Reads

  6. I agree. I hate the covers of the Eugenie series as well!

    New follower - here's my FF! :)

  7. Girl you had me ROFL!! Too much fun; I loved your response!
    I am anew follower through GFC as lucyatmax/no pic. I can be found/followed at: and I love making new reader/blogger friends!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hahaha I agree. Don't like that cover at all. I'm a new follower!

    Check out my FF :)

  9. Not only is that a bad cover, that's really bad stock art modeling!

    My follow friday! Please visit!

  10. Hahah! I literally laughed out loud!!

    I'm a new follower!

  11. Bahaha! This made me die laughing! Omg! Haha


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