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Monday, July 2, 2012

Pinkindle Reads but No Reviews: June, 2012

My Blood Approves (My Blood Approves, #1) by Amanda Hocking

Since I loved her Trylle Trilogy, I had to check out her vampire series. The beginning is very Twilight-esque, but as it moves on it starts to feel more unique. I really liked the idea of how blood can attract their soul mate. It was a quick, fun read, and I'll definitely be continuing.


Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12) by Charlaine Harris
This one started out kind of slow, but it finally feels like some of the many, many, many plotlines are coming to a close. There were some twists that I never saw coming. I do feel bad for Sookie, since she's contemplating babies, marriage and death. In that order. I do want her to get her happy ending, whether that's with Eric or not.


  1. So fun. :) Love your choices.

  2. Aaaah! DEADLOCKED! Still need to read this one and can't WAIT to see where Charlaine takes it... especially when you're talking about her tying up all those loose ends... I've long suspected I know who her HEA is (NOT Eric), and I wonder what'll happen with that here... mmmmm. Glad you enjoyed!

    1. The end of this one definitely points to a certain someone else. I can't really picture them together, but I guess we'll see.


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