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Monday, March 26, 2012

[Review] Bloodfever (Fever, #2) by Karen Marie Moning

Title: Bloodfever
Series: Fever, #2
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Pages: 303 (Hardcover)
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release Date: October 16, 2007

I used to be your average, everyday girl but all that changed one night in Dublin when I saw my first Fae, and got dragged into a world of deadly immortals and ancient secrets. . . .

In her fight to stay alive, MacKayla must find the Sinsar Dubh—a million-year-old book of the blackest magic imaginable, which holds the key to power over the worlds of both the Fae and Man. Pursued by assassins, surrounded by mysterious figures she knows she can’t trust, Mac finds herself torn between two deadly and powerful men: V’lane, the immortal Fae Prince, and Jericho Barrons, a man as irresistible as he is dangerous.

For centuries the shadowy realm of the Fae has coexisted with that of humans. Now the walls between the two are coming down, and Mac is the only thing that stands between them.

Let's start with Mac. I still didn't like her, but she's continuing to grow on me. She is changing, since she's realized that her sunny, spoiled, Southern upbringing is useless in the real world. Especially when that real world is full of creatures that are only suppose to exist in nightmares. She still rambles on about her flirty outfits, gold sandals and pink nail polish, but she needs to let that go! That is not her life anymore! Things are dangerous, and she's deep in it! Short, dark hair, and finding out you're adopted are not the end of the world! The end of the world is in the hands of an army of Fae, unless Mac can get it together and develop her powers to find a way to stop them!

V'lane! I got very excited when his name appeared in the blurb, since he was my favorite thing about the first book. How could I not love a death-by-sex Fae?! Do I trust him? No. Do I think Mac should trust him? Definitely not. But he certainly makes every scene he's in much more interesting.

Barrons...Am I suppose to like him? I don't. At all. I don't like the way he treats Mac, and he does some things in this book that made me want to punch him in the balls. He's evasive, cryptic, controlling, and just generally an asshole. I was intrigued by him in the first book, and I still am, but I just don't like him. I want to know what the heck he is! But to be fair, he does have one redeeming quality: he's very good at saving Mac's life.

Now that my brief assessment of the characters is out of the way, the plot: It seems like nothing happens for the first half of the book. There's a bit of additional information about sidhe-seers and Fae, Barrons drags Mac on more dangerous tasks, the awesome world that was built in Darkfever is expanded upon, but nothing that I felt moved the story forward. The second half definitely picks up the pace though. There's more action, and Mac starts to become a little more bad ass. She's embracing what she is, and is attempting to figure things out. We're given a few more pieces to the mysterious puzzle but none of them fit! It's frustrating! But the second half of the book is infinitely better than the first half, and it's darker, gorier, and more disturbing than the first book.

Another cliffhanger?! Luckily I have Faefever right here.

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  1. YES! FINALLY! Another person who "likes" V'lane! I had issues with the first two books in this series as well. But it gets so much better!

    Oh, I found your blog through the Top 5 Hop and am now following your through GFC :]

    -Sonnie @ Lit Girl: Confessions of a Future Librarian


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