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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[Review] Shadow Heir (Dark Swan, #4) by Richelle Mead

Title: Shadow Heir
Series: Dark Swan, #4
Author: Richelle Mead
Pages: 352 (Kindle edition)
Publisher: Zebra Book
Release Date: December 27, 2011
Shaman-for-hire Eugenie Markham strives to keep the mortal realm safe from trespassing entities. But as the Thorn Land's prophecy-haunted queen, there's no refuge for her and her soon-to-be-born-children when a mysterious blight begins to devastate the Otherworld...

The spell-driven source of the blight isn't the only challenge to Eugenie's instincts. Fairy king Dorian is sacrificing everything to help, but Eugenie can't trust the synergy drawing them back together. The uneasy truce between her and her shape shifter ex-lover Kiyo is endangered by secrets he can't--or won't--reveal. And as a formidable force rises to also threaten the human world, Eugenie must use her own cursed fate as a weapon--and risk the ultimate sacrifice...

I went into this very excited and eager to know what happens with Eugenie's prophetic pregnancy as well as with Dorian. It started off a bit slow while Eug figures out how to handle the pregnancy and the birth. Then the birth happens! How does the Otherworld react? Well, let's just say they have more immediate concerns than a possible prophecy coming into action. Of course this new concern requires Eugenie's attention, and she can't take the babies with her.

While I know it was a tough decision for her to leave her twins so suddenly, I also felt like she was pretty detached from then. Sure she said she loved them and misses them and wants the best for them, but that's all it was, saying. I didn't feel any sense of her love for them, but oh well, I was more interested in what was happening in the Otherworld anyway.

Dorian is wonderful as always, and I just wanted to slap Eugenie and tell her to open her eyes and fall into his arms! I really loved the "dryad" scene, and was hoping for more, but it was still an aww moment. And then there's a scene where he and Eugenie are passing notes like teenagers, except that they were using Volusian as a messenger:

"I beg you this: do no make me keeping passing these adolescent sentiments back and forth all night."

Oh, Volusian! And no that quote does not imply that Dorian and Eugenie are back together, or does it? Why are they using Volusian as a middleman then? You'll just have to read and find out!

Kiyo, Kiyo, Kiyo. I am so glad he didn't show up until half way in. I seriously cannot stand that man! After the events of Iron Crowned he simply cannot be redeemed. I wanted Dorian to just run his sword through him and let that be that, but of course that would be too easy. Just, aaahh at him! I don't understand how he can be so cold and heartless. Some of his actions in this were nobel, but once his part was done, he went back to the same old, jerk faced Kiyo set to kill his own children. It takes an amazing author to create a character that evokes so much emotion in me, even if it's negative!

This review seems very vague, but I don't want to spoil anything! There's a great twist of course, since this is the end of the series. Unfortunately, I figured it out in Chapter 1, so it was pretty anti-climatic for me. But I was still interested in how exactly it would play out. And then there was another twist that made me squeal in joy! Then Eugenie made another HORRIBLE decision, pissed me off, and the series ended. WTF?! I am so mad her I can't even explain.


  1. I gave it 3 stars too and mostly because of the series as a whole. I feel like she phoned this last book in and was rather disappointed with it but at least got some time with Dorian :)

  2. I loved that Volusian quote too! I just wanted to hug him when he said that, and of course smack Eugenie.

    I feel the same way about the Kiyo situation, it does take a wonderful author to make me HATE a fictional character to this degree.


  3. I was disappointed with this one as well. It certainly didn't feel like the conclusion to a series and I felt cheated by that ending.


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