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Friday, December 30, 2011

Author of the Year

There's one author that stood out to me this year, and that was none other than Richelle Mead! I read 16 of her books this year and I plan to read more in 2012. I discovered her through a group read of Succubus Blues and instantly fell in love. I finished three of her series, and plan to start on the fourth, Bloodlines, in the new year after the second book is released.

Georgina Kincaid

The series that started it all! I don't even know how to explain how amazing all of these books were. They made me laugh and cry. They were sexy and smart. They were emotional as heck! If you want to read a well written Urban Fantasy that doesn't focus on vampires and shifters, this is the series to read.

Vampire Academy

Soon after finishing all of the Georgina books, I moved onto Mead's YA vampire series. I love me some vampires, and VA did not disappoint! The amount of care and research that was put into the world building was obvious in this series. I absolutely loved learning about the different vampire races. Rose was a great heroine; not only was she tough fighter, she was also a normal teen dealing with friendships and romances. Dmitri and Adrian are totally yummy and I found myself torn between who I wanted Rose to end up with.

Dark Swan

And finally there's Eugenie Markham's series. This one didn't grab me immediately, but once it did, it wouldn't let go. I read the first three books all in a row and impatiently waited for Shadow Heir which came out on Tuesday. It did not hold up to the second and third books at all, sadly. It started out slow and the ending caused a flare of rage within me. I felt like Eugenie made major mistakes all through the series, but that she'd finally learned something and would end in a good place. Of course that didn't happen and she made the worst choice possible and there was next to no closure to her story. Well, not every finale can please everyone. *sigh*

So, who was your favorite author of 2011?

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