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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Review] Bound by Blood (The Garner Witch, #1) by P.A. Lupton

Bound by Blood (The Garner Witch #1)Bound by Blood by P.A. Lupton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I won this from the First Reads giveaway.

Brianna is an empath. Meaning, unlike our dear friend Sookie Stackhouse, who can read minds and discern emotions, Brianna can only read emotions. Also unlike Miss Sookie, she can read the emotions of the dead. This can come in handy, since she's an FBI agent. Her current case involves multiple women who have all been drained of blood ( a quick look at the genre will tell you it's by a vampire) and who share an uncanny resemblance to Brianna.

This case generates many questions for Brianna as well as the reader: Who's killing these women and why? What is their connection to Brianna? Who is Brianna? That last one is not a philosophical question, but literally who (and what) is Brianna.

This book has a very small cast of characters which was new for me. I'm use to there being plenty of minor characters adding to the story, but in Bound by Blood we only have the three main characters, the killer, and his accomplice. This considerably cuts down on the list of suspects, but it also gives us more insights into the relationships between Brianna and the two men in life. The banter between her and Morrison is believable and hilarious. While her relationship with Nathan is electric and sexy.

I really enjoyed this book, but I must say there really wasn't any special that sets it apart from others in this genre. It was fast paced and exciting and that was good enough for me!

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